Precious Blood of Christ
Catholic Women's Club

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PBOC Women's Club Pawleys Island, SC

 THANK YOU for your Birthright baby shower donations!!
SIGN UP above for our Mass of Thanksgiving and Installation


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As always, we are busy preparing for the final weeks of our 2019-2020 year which has been extremely successful in spite of the pandemic that we are all dealing with in our daily lives.

Our June 4 mass at 8:30 will be a mass of Thanksgiving as well as installation for our new Executive Board.  Please plan to attend this special event.  A sign up will be posted on the website.
Thank you for your help and support the past two years - your call to Just Say Yes has made a big difference for the Women's Club.


The objectives of the Precious Blood of Christ Catholic Women's Club are to develop the interest of women in the welfare of their community, to unite their efforts for the promotion of and participation in religious, social and civic activities, and to perform fund raising to benefit the parish and community.  



Member personal information is to be used only for Women's Club activities.  No other use is permitted.  Please respect the members and comply with this restriction.


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